H.T.C. Jackets


H.T.C. Jackets otherwise known as Hard-to-Catch Jackets are for sighthounds and other breeds that enjoy coursing so much they just don't want to stop.   In the sighthound world these are known as racing jackets and come in blue, pink, and yellow to identify the different hounds while they are competeing.   For all other breeds the sky is the limit when choosing colors!


The Barking Room can create a 3 pack for Sighthounds (Blue, Yellow, Pink).


All orders are sized for the specific dog.   Prices start at $25


General breed sized jackets are available upon request.  



Made from ripstop nylon and elastic these hardy jackets will allow the handler to grab the dog once they have completed their run.  These jackets are especially helpful for short coated breeds who are hard to catch.  


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